SRFI support in Gerbil

The following SRFIs are supported by gerbil:

SRFI Title support import
SRFI 0 Feature-based conditional expansion construct core prelude
SRFI 1 List Library stdlib :std/srfi/1
SRFI 2 AND-LET* core prelude
SRFI 4 Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes runtime :gerbil/gambit/hvectors
SRFI 6 Basic String Ports runtime :gerbil/gambit/ports
SRFI 8 receive stdlib :std/srfi/8
SRFI 9 Defining Record Types stdlib :std/srfi/9
SRFI 13 String Library stdlib :std/srfi/13
SRFI 14 Character-Set Library stdlib :std/srfi/14
SRFI 16 Syntax for procedures of variable arity core prelude
SRFI 18 Multithreading support runtime :gerbil/gambit/threads
SRFI 19 Time Data Types and Procedures stdlib :std/srfi/19
SRFI 21 Real-time multithreading support runtime :gerbil/gambit/threads
SRFI 22 Running Scheme Scripts on Unix runtime
SRFI 23 Error reporting mechanism runtime
SRFI 26 Notation for Specializing Parameters without Currying core prelude
SRFI 27 Sources of Random Bits runtime :gerbil/gambit/random
SRFI 28 Basic Format Strings stdlib :std/format
SRFI 30 Nested Multi-line Comments reader
SRFI 31 A special form for recursive evaluation core prelude
SRFI 34 Exception Handling for Programs runtime
SRFI 38 External Representation for Data With Shared Structure reader
SRFI 39 Parameter objects runtime
SRFI 41 Streams stdlib :std/srfi/41
SRFI 42 Eager Comprehensions stdlib :std/srfi/42
SRFI 43 Vector Library stdlib :std/srfi/43
SRFI 45 Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms stdlib :std/lazy
SRFI 48 Intermediate Format Strings stdlib :std/format
SRFI 60 Integers as Bits runtime :gerbil/gambit/bits
SRFI 62 S-expression comments reader
SRFI 78 Lightweight testing stdlib :std/srfi/78
SRFI 87 => in case clauses core prelude
SRFI 88 Keyword Objects runtime
SRFI 95 Sorting and Merging stdlib :std/srfi/95
SRFI 101 Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists stdlib :std/srfi/101
SRFI 111 Boxes runtime
SRFI 113 Sets and bags stdlib :std/srfi/113
SRFI 115 Scheme Regular Expressions stdlib :std/srfi/115
SRFI 116 Immutable List Library stdlib :std/srfi/116
SRFI 117 Queues based on lists stdlib :std/srfi/117
SRFI 121 Generators stdlib :std/srfi/121
SRFI 124 Ephemerons stdlib :std/srfi/124
SRFI 125 Intermediate hash tables stdlib :std/srfi/125
SRFI 127 Lazy Sequences stdlib :std/srfi/127
SRFI 128 Comparators (reduced) stdlib :std/srfi/128
SRFI 130 Cursor-based string library stdlib :std/srfi/130
SRFI 132 Sort Libraries stdlib :std/srfi/132
SRFI 133 Vector Library (R7RS-compatible) stdlib :std/srfi/133
SRFI 134 Immutable Deques stdlib :std/srfi/134
SRFI 135 Immutable Texts stdlib :std/srfi/135
SRFI 141 Integer Division stdlib :std/srfi/141
SRFI 143 Fixnums stdlib :std/srfi/143
SRFI 144 Flonums stdlib :std/srfi/144
SRFI 145 Assumptions stdlib :std/srfi/145
SRFI 146 Mappings stdlib :std/srfi/146{/hash}
SRFI 151 Bitwise Operations stdlib :std/srfi/151
SRFI 158 Generators and Accumulators stdlib :std/srfi/158
SRFI 159 Combinator Formatting stdlib :std/srfi/159
SRFI 160 Homogeneous Numeric Vector Libraries stdlib :std/srfi/160/{lib} for base, u8, s8, u16, s16, u32, s32, u64, s64, f32, f64, c64, c128
SRFI 212 Aliases stdlib :std/srfi/212